About us


We at GLANCE, we always wanted to create a destination where people could purchase all the kinds of jewelries & accessories. We wanted to create the “one destination for jewelry”, with a variety of choices from designer brands such as DYRBERG/KERN, CAROLINE SVEDBOM, EDBLAD and LILY AND ROSE Jewelry.

GLANCE is our point of view for fashion, esthetic and style.

«Fashion is fit for the glance and glance for fashion». This phrase formed the pathway to create what we call as GLANCE.

A game of glances, an intrigue of looks, that is GLANCE for us.

GLANCE is in a race to bring something fresh, unique and new. GLANCE loves fashion but not what others call fashionable. GLANCE cares about timelessness, quality and elegance.

Our value will always be high esthetic in designers and product choices from all around the world.

Our goal is to give unique advices and the finest ideas in order to give you the final touch in your personal style.

GLANCE is a subsidiary division of MARIA MICHOPOULOU SHOWROOM ltd. that operates in the wholesale and retail fashion industry since 1996.

MARIA MICHOPOULOU SHOWROOM is the official distributor in Greece and Cyprus of several jewelry and accessory brands such as:  the Danish Fashion Jewelry Brand DYRBERG/KERN Copenhagen, the Swedish fashion jewelry brands CAROLINE SVEDBOM, EDBLAD and LILY AND ROSE. The Danish fashion accessories brands UNMADE Copenhagen, BELLA BALLOU, the French accessory brand PIERRE QUIOC, the German accessory brand SEIDENFELT, the Brazilian swimwear and beach wear brands MARYSSIL & LARISSA MINATTO, and the British Brand Lavender & Lillie with luxury home fragrance products.

The headquarters of MARIA MICHOPOULOU Showroom is at the area of Agios Dimitrios, Attiki, Greece and the Showroom of the company at the area of Elliniko, Attiki Greece.