Ever since she was a little girl, Caroline Svedbom, she has been fascinated by strong colors, in design, fashion and jewelry. The purpose with her jewelry has always been to make women shine, feel beautiful and be more colorful. The Swedish brand has found devoted clientele around the globe. All pieces are handmade from fine stones and pearls, combined with Swarovski crystals.

Being the fourth generation within the industry, Caroline has had a lifelong passion for jewelry. Her grandfather started a jewelry business back in 1935, which was eventually taken over by her father. From an early age, she was brought along to trade fairs. Many of these were held in Northern Italy, where her passion for statement jewelry in bold colors was born. In 2014, Caroline finally decided to fulfil her dream of designing and marketing her own jewelry collections. The brand quickly established itself internationally and today Caroline Svedbom Jewelry offers seasonal collections available at 350 retailers throughout Scandinavia and Europe. The company’s vision is to bring joy and color into the lives of the women of all ages and in all contexts- offering jewelry that adds sparkle to an everyday outfit and glamour to a party dress. The goal is to create a positive experience for everyone who gets in contact with the brand.

The Caroline Svedbom brand is built on three core values; Craftmanship, Quality and Personality Craftmanship: Production performed by skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work Quality: Highest quality aimed for in everything linked to the brand; from design to production, marketing and sales to personal encounters. Personality: Offering personal jewelry that allows the wearer to express their unique personalities.

A personal approach also characterises everything linked to the brand. Caroline Svedbom’s jewelry is handmade at the company’s family run studio in Greece, where skilled craftsmen take pride in their attention to detail and quality in every step of the process. This means that every piece in not only unique, but also of the highest quality. The jewelry is made from the finest of materials, including Swarovski crystals, pearls and glass stones. The base is nickel free raw brass that has been partly soldered and plated in 18K gold or rhodium. All materials used are continuously tested to ensure quality.