DYRBERG/KERN is a Danish jewelry company founded by Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern in 1985

DYRBERG/KERN designs are managed from our design studio at our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Where our design masterminds promise to deliver brilliant designer jewelries and watches, for modern and confident women to express their style and beauty.

Our materials, such as pearls, stones, Swarovski crystals etc. are sourced all over the world, from Europe, Asia or Africa, depending on the season.

DYRBERG/KERN products are created by hand and undergo many different processes. From casting, polishing and plating of the metal base, to hand braiding of leather, to cutting, polishing, and insertion of semi-precious stones and brilliant crystals.

Finally, the many different elements of one single jewelry piece are assembled. After each process, a specific quality control is performed.

Each jewelry piece goes through about 40 different processes and as many hands before the magical moment finally happens – it meets your eye and love hopefully takes over…